Noah Slee Drops Visuals For Smooth Rampant Wild Free

Noah Slee Drops Visuals For Smooth “Rampant Wild Free”

After last year’s debut EP, to your inner hippie & cos you fly as fuckand relocating to Berlin from Auckland, New Zealand, Noah Slee returns with visuals for Rampant Wild Free.

Feelings of lust and passion have a way of taking over and can be overwhelming, blinding us to everything around us and keeping us laser-focused on the person we desire. With his succulent voice, Slee takes you through this experience over a crisp future bass instrumental and harmonies that are to die for. With help from director Tala_Who(?) and videographer Sam Templeton, the video follows two characters through the night and the undeniable attraction that exists between them. “Whilst it was our aim to keep the narrative simple, we couldn’t overlook the depth of Noah’s lyrics,” explained Templeton. “The relationship between girl and boy spawned out of this desire, then developed further over the course of the night of the shoot. The final music video is very much an organic product of the music, the people, and the city in which it was filmed.”

Watch Rampant Wild Free below, followed by spinning Noah Slee’s debut EP.

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