Watch Braves Celebrate Love With Me The Thief

Watch: Braves Celebrate Love With “Me The Thief”

Enigmatic LA outfit Braves have already made a name for themselves with their provocative videos like this year’s Dust. For their new video for Me The Thief, you might feel your room steam up while watching it. This catchy electro-pop anthem is a celebration of love, regardless of race, gender, age, and in some cases, species, as noted in the video. A simple one shot pans through a rotating cast of nude and happy, and even content characters.

Love, I can’t explain it/ I gotta taste it to know it’s real/ Love, I can’t restrain it/ You can’t mistake it, you know it’s real

Watch Braves’ warm passionate video for the powerful and vibrant Me The Thief below, and look for EP III due for October 26.