Ruby Empress Indulge In Lust & Desires For "Escapism Deluxe" Video

Ruby Empress Indulge In Lust & Desires For “Escapism Deluxe” Video

Ruby Empress is the Gothenburg duo playing electro-psyche-disco music for those who feel exhausted from all the edm that surrounds them and desire something new to dance and make love to. Following last year’s successful Empressionism EP, they’ve released a lascivious video for Escapism Deluxe.

With a thudding baseline and vibrant neon lights that embrace the synths, the duo propel you to the underworld club scene in the 70s. Much like the video, euphoric heights are reached with a lust for human flesh, as the protagonist comes into contact with a cast of characters and is struck with a moment of passion. From the vanilla to a glutton of desires that accumulate into unbound peaks of ecstasy, no subtle moment, eye gaze, or touch goes unscathed by her, or our deepest desires.

Watch the hot and heavy Meska directed video below and hit soundcloud or spotify to hear the rest of the EP.

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