Watch Absurdity Unfold In Michael Paradise's Lost Control Video

Watch Absurdity Unfold In Michael Paradise’s “Lost Control” Video

The still fresh Lost Control from Toronto’s Michael Paradise is now joined by an absurd and funny video. Directed by Martin Klapperbein, the video follows Paradise through a series of quirky and unfortunate events as he strolls around Bellwoods. Without giving too much away, watch the video unfold below Paradise’s thoughts and inspiration behind the visuals.

The setting: finally a day off in a month filled with work. Maybe you sleep in a little, get up, crack some eggs and that’s when the bizarre begins. What you thought would be a nice day to unwind and recoup becomes an escalating, perpetual series of weird events. The one day where you were meant to have total control of what you do becomes the day that everything goes wrong. The day you lost control of your life entirely. 

In a world of social media, quick clicks, and short attention spans, people — and musicians specifically — are putting so much care and attention into their look. In a way, the project is a satire of this hyper-curation or online boasting. 

In my mind, it was also important that the video never resolves. What the protagonist wants is never found and the absurdity only intensifies. I like that it slowly turns supernatural and the nihilism that comes that.

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