Sophisticated Dingo Apologizes For Their Shenanigans With Punchy "Head Talk"

Sophisticated Dingo Apologize In The Punchy “Head Talk” Video

High school and my early twenties are fraught with blackout nights filled with debauchery, shenanigans, and words followed by apologies the next day. Melbourne-based duo Sophisticated Dingo tackle these experiences on their new single, Head Talk.

Written in an attic in the hell of suburbia, Head Talk begins as an apology to friends with a garage-rock punch that’s propelled into an anthemic breakdown that erupts into gang-vocals – “I hear what you’re saying!” Lyrically, Head Talk addresses feelings of being trapped and isolated when those closest to you leave you high and dry, mutilating your self-esteem. “When you’re left in the dark about something, all you have to keep you company is your own thoughts – and they can easily turn ugly if you let them stew and you’re constantly turning them over and over,” explains Lew. Watch these two dingos in the accompanying Harry Anderson directed video as they try to find love, right here, and be sure to crank it the fuck up.

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