Tai Chi Tommy Screams While Buried Under Your Love
Elisenda Domènech Porres

Tai Chi Tommy Screams While “Buried Under Your Love”

Buried Under Your Love is the debut single from Tai Chi Tommy’s forthcoming debut project, “Sad Souls Social Club” EP. It’s weird, sultry, lo-fi that sounds an awful lot like Ryan Gosling’s “My Body Is A Zombie For You” from his Dead Man’s Bones Project (go listen to that if you haven’t, it’s the shit). Imbuing 50’s/60’s love songs with 80’s horror movies, Tommy croons under the saturated violet gloom of the night. His dark heart beats in the corner of the room where you sleep with leaves wrinkled and dead from the passage of time. Outside your window, all you can hear are his screams. Screams for your love.

“Sad Souls Social Club” EP is due October 27 and can be pre-ordered here with a super limited clear, purple cassette.

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