Ten Kills The Pack Teases New EP With Talk My Ear Off Video

Ten Kills The Pack Teases New EP With “Talk My Ear Off” Video

Toronto-based Ten Kills The Pack (Sean Sroka) is set to release his debut EP, ‘Force Majeure’ next month. It’s a series of definitive moments delivered through artful songcraft and organic instrumentation which he defines as “city folk”. These songs were crystallized through recording sessions held in Toronto high-rises, where the sights, sounds and shapes of the city were woven into the music.

On Sroka’s new single, Talk My Ear Offtime pauses as he focuses his attention on a lover with just his gentle vocals and acoustic guitar. “I wrote this song after a first date at a museum,” explains Sroka. “It presents the parallels between the simplicity of talking with someone you love and beautiful pieces of art.”

With the single is a simple Gavin Michael Booth directed video featuring Sroka playing in a touring van with friends.

‘Force Majeure’ by Ten Kills The Pack is due for release on May 15th.