Clairmont The Second Drops "Quest for Milk and Honey"

Clairmont The Second Drops “Quest for Milk and Honey”

Toronto native Clairmont The Second never ceases to amaze. His lyrics in It’s Okay, I Promise are nothing short of art and Lames (All I Hear) is an absolute banger. His latest project, Quest for Milk and Honey, is without a doubt one of my favourite albums of 2016.

This album features a perfect balance of the soulful, the introspective, and the radical. Produced, mixed, and mastered all on his own, Clairmont combines chill synths with his lyrical talent, spitting truth on every track. Girls, Women, Ladies reflects love (and confusion) of women. Ignorant and Temporary perfectly captures the realities of black politics in the West. Hallelujah will get you up and dancing. And he weaves all these tracks to flow seamlessly together.

Check out the album below, and don’t miss Clairmont’s show at The Drake this month.

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