The Juniper Berries Share Video For Give Up Yr Ghosts

The Juniper Berries Share Video For “Give Up Yr Ghosts”

Give Up Yr Ghosts is the latest from Ashland-based The Juniper Berries and comes off their forthcoming album. 90’s indie rock meets wry lyricism as frontman Josh Stirm examines life around a small liberal arts college with sideway smiles and raised eyebrows. Speaking on the record, Stirm says:

“I wrote most of these songs in my last two years of college in Ashland, OR while trying to plan out my next life move. I was learning so many things about how the world and myself work, and I feel like this record turned into a storage container for all of that stuff. During the recording of this record I was lucky enough to go and work at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX as an intern for a summer, which really influenced the final sound of the record. We actually ended up mixing the majority of the record while I was there as well.

A lot of people write songs about how they think the world works, but with this record I wanted to throw a wrench in all of that. Everything is relative, and things are a lot more complicated than that.”

Watch the animated video for Give Up Yr Ghosts here.

The Juniper Berries’ self-titled album is due out July 10. Listen to more from the album here.