Back in high school, during the whole “scene” period, one band I often listened to was Copeland, specifically their wonderful “Beneath The Medicine Tree.” So it was a big surprise when The Lulls In Traffic sent in their debut video/single for I Can Hear Your Laughter On The Wind as the duo consists of Copeland singer, Aaron Marsh, and Russian-born, Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist Ivan Ives. The duo connected over 7 years ago while working on a remix together and have since continued working together.

Blending hip-hop with indie rock, I Can Hear Your Laughter On The Wind features Marsh’s emotive vocals that cut through symphonic layers of fearful silence. This silence creeps in the shadow of the setting sun over a summer that slowly sours. Unaware, the distance grew ferocious like a lamb to the slaughter and your naivety was met with the tooth lined belly of a thousand guillotines. All that’s left is the acrid scent of her ivory skin fermenting under your fingernails.

Directed by the duo themselves, watch I Can Hear Your Laughter On The Wind with its Twilight Zone-esque ending and look out for their debut album, Rabbit In The Snare.

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