Watch Dakota Release Colourful Visuals For Icon

Watch: Dakota Release Colourful Visuals For “Icon”

Icon by Amsterdam-based Dakota was inspired by trying to be everything that your cheating partner wants you to be, and realizing there’s no way to do so; instead, all you want to be and can be is yourself. While this may not be immediately relatable, the idea of changing yourself to suit another is something that may resonate with many.

This devastating experience is translated into a hazy dreamscape with psychedelic elements like the mesmerizing guitar riff that guides you along with heartfelt lyrics. The most incredible part about this four piece though, is their ability to conjure that California breeze with the low light of the dying sun and into an addictive single that engulfs you with a sumptuous and charming groove.

After gaining plenty of traction in their hometown of Amsterdam, Dakota are set to make their rounds on this side of the ocean. Until then, you can listen to their Leda EP through Spotify and watch their self-directed video for Icon below.