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Watch: McCallaman – Home Tonite

Following an intimate set for Balance in Toronto, McCallaman dropped a video for the highly personal Home Tonite. Opening with a real voicemail, the straightforward visuals follow a hazy memory of McCallaman and a lady before transitioning into the Michael Jackson inspired “You Are Not Alone.” Watch the first video from the soulful Black Pop ep below, which is also available as a PWYC.

Here’s what McCallaman told Smoothie Tunes about Home Tonite:

“The voicemail is real & the song was built off of real feelings of falling in love.. The second part ‘You Are Not Alone’ being about falling out of love & dealing with the pain but knowing that God, “Is here with you.” MJ is also a big inspiration to me so it felt right to include him in the project in that way. God is that whisper in my ear reminding me that though I may have made a mistake, I’ll be back on my feet & good. Just now.”

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