Watch PATHS Perform In Enthralling Debut Neoprene

Watch PATHS Perform In Enthralling Debut “Neoprene”

Neoprene is the debut single by solo artist PATHS (Julianne Shawe), an indie-electro artist who combines looped guitars, synths, sampled vocals and a diverse range of homemade sounds.

With production help from Thrash Hat (Rory Friers), Neoprene emanates a retro synth sound that collides with an enthralling surge of infectious synth-pop and thumping percussion. Shawe’s vocals weave through this dynamic soundscape that builds into a delirium of ultraviolet rays that cut across a world of dreams, madness, defiance, and passion, all fading in the distant and naked light.

With a series of live shows set for this year, PATHS’ live performance will include synchronized LED lighting for an immersive experience. Watch the first taste of what to expect with Neoprene right here.