DALLAN Shares Ethereal And Autumn Coloured Bird's Song

DALLAN Shares Ethereal And Autumn Coloured “Bird’s Song”

DALLAN is a singer/songwriter that has been singing since she was young, but only recently began performing and recording her songs publically. Music has always been her way to slowly process the deeply personal experiences expressed in her songs; experiences which speak to the heart of what it means to love, to be vulnerable and to be human, in all our fragility. Two years after her debut EP, Decade, her new album Overturn is due for this summer and the second single is Bird’s Song.

Beyond the autumn coloured forest with a haze of fog that simmers along dying grass and leaves that cover the ground like a swarm of despondent ants is DALLAN’s fragile croon. “Once upon a time there was a story told/ About a ruined girl that sang to you/ Loving honestly without any plea/ Never any thoughts of letting go,” she sings with a tempered guitar strum and haunting vocals that entwine themselves in tender shades of loss, longing, and heartache. Like those nights when they drank your sweat, pulled your hair, and told you their dreams of ferocious and endless waters, deep, blue, and forever drowning. “Certain experiences are too painful to face, so all that’s left is to look at them from a bird’s eye view and wrap them in a fairy tale instead,” says DALLAN of the song as she tries to cope with the end of a happy relationship without falling to cavernous despair lined with knives likes teeth.

Listen to this beautiful dream-pop fairy tale below and look out for Overturn on August 11.

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