Watch Yoke Lore In New Time Lapse Video For "Cut and Run"

Watch Yoke Lore In New Time Lapse Video For “Cut and Run”

Ahead of Yoke Lore’s (Adrian Galvin) forthcoming “Absolutes” EP, the New Yorker brings us another taste with a new single and video for Cut and Run.

With a focus on the struggle between two polarizing sides, Cut and Run finds Galvin instinctively fleeing, as we often do in our own lives. Here, tribal-inflected drums snap, roar, and collapse amongst threads of anxiety as harmonies bloom like a bouquet, vibrant and boundless.

In the accompanying Nick Lieberman directed video, Galvin runs, falls, and slides at hyperspeed through a series of scenarios and surroundings. Always Moving. Always seeking. Always learning.

Of the single and video, Galvin says:

“Like a centrifuge or mixing sugar into coffee, you stir to rise to the top. In this video I spin to elevate, like a tornado does, attempting to elevate my understanding. But I realize that in trying to find something I have already found it. By striving I have achieved. I can find purpose at all speeds because I have seen myself at every speed. I have sat still in the lowlands and sprinted through the desert and climbed through the forest, sliding down hills and into an underground space until I begin to spin. I create myself anew in different ways by interacting differently with my environment.

I get different information at different speeds and thus as I return back through the spacial and rhythmic dimensions from the basement to the high desert, I gain perspective. I gain fortitude and I find purpose. I return to my complete movement reinvigorated; ready to journey with vision, now I understand exactly how I need to move.

Going through the motions of something physically simple is more tiring than running a marathon you’re passionate about. Understanding, orientation, skill add ease to action. Frivolity is impractical. I need to investigate my movement in order to fully appreciate and be able to move through the world with both empowering self-consciousness and fulfilling productivity.”

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