Premiere: Esmo & Wolves Dance On "Living With The Moon"

Premiere: Esmo & Wolves Dance On “Living With The Moon”

Esmo is a twenty-year-old artist living between Paris, Brussels, and Bordeaux, and grew up in a family of multi-talented artists. This exposure pushed her towards visual art, writing, singing, and acting, using each field in its own unique way to express her deepest emotions; solar or lunar, drab or colourful. While studying design in Bordeaux, she met Vincent de Azevedo at a music video shooting for the band Bordo, and soon after decided to collaborate. The result would be the year old debut, Fade Away. While this debut and the follow ups were more future bass oriented, Living With The Moon finds the French artist shifting into a different direction, and one that feels more like “her”. With a need to express her duality, she believes, “my heart is a wolf ruled by two moons.”

And tonight when the sun comes/ It feels like something is missing, somehow/ The moon, the stars are whispering in my ears/ Do you hear them calling?

On the Darwin produced Living With The Moon, Esmo slinks amongst the tempered forest fog while the flora thumps beneath her feet and creatures watch from the shadows. Her mysterious voice murmurs throughout and whispers in the ears of wolves to come hither as the trees dance between her echoes. Join Esmo on this creeping haunt and dance with wolves beneath the blessed moon, right here.