Toronto's Bénédicte Shares Experimental Self-Titled Debut EP

Toronto’s Bénédicte Shares Experimental Self-Titled Debut EP

Drawing from her personal experiences and surroundings (like Crawford Street?), Bénédicte’s (Maxime Gordon) debut self-titled EP is an intriguing listen. Combing hers and other human vocals with both retro and modern samples, she plays with the worlds of nature and technology.

I’m not one to delve deep into the experimental electronic world, but Bénédicte’s work is accessible and feels warm. Fight! is tense without putting you on edge due to the serene pops that spurt between echos of “It’s ok to fight for me.” On Backbone, she details the forces in her life that provides her with support over a crystalline downtempo beat. Bénédicte is an exciting start for the Toronto based artist and I look forward to watching her evolve.

A free download is available through Bandcamp.

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