Jordan D. Mitchell & Siana Villaverde Want You Back With Birthday

Jordan D. Mitchell & Siana Villaverde Want You Back With “Birthday”

Born in Atlanta, but raised in Stockton, California, rapper/producer Jordan D. Mitchell slows thing down with his latest cut, Birthday.

As a sucker for some good rnb, especially with deep lyrics, Birthday nailed it for me. With some 90s rnb flavour, Siana Villaverde brings her smooth vocals singing, “I know you got ya life/ and now I got mine/ but every now and then/ these memories keep me up at night.” Cutting all too close to home, Mitchell and Villaverde have your back and that sorrowful heart of yours that lays there and reminisces about the good times with a perpetual ache to reach out to her. Forever repeating your fuck ups in your head and everything you could’ve done to not lead to where you are now – sad and alone on her birthday.

Listen below and look out for the duo’s new project that highlights the arrival and departure of a couple in California titled, Until The End.