Leila Dey Sets Her Mark On Toronto Scene With "Black Bouquet"

Leila Dey Sets Her Mark On Toronto Scene With “Black Bouquet”

After a few years of recording music including the 2015 EP, I’ve Arrived, Toronto singer/songwriter Leila Dey is set to make her mark on the scene with her new project titled, Black Bouquet.

Sometimes you gotta lose your mind to find your peace

In late 2015, Dey lost her sister and battled with this devastating loss while enduring a challenging relationship. It was this difficult period that would fuel her to put her heart and soul into her music which would lead to the release of Black Bouquet. Through these five tracks, Dey details the passionate beginning of young love followed by the realities of maintaining a relationship and all the obstacles that arise, and the subsequent breakdown. Not only was Dey mourning the end of a new relationship but also the loss of her inspiring sister. With her smooth vocals and the help of Zepfire’s dope production work, Dey’s evolution as an individual and an artist shines through on this EP worthy of back to back repeats.

So listen to Black Bouquet and join Leila Dey on her promising journey.

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