Hundred Plus Club Fire Up Grilled Cheese For Stephanie

Hundred Plus Club Fire Up “Grilled Cheese For Stephanie”

How do you get a girls attention? Paper airplane love letter? Brooding stare from across the room? Maybe all you need to do is make some grilled cheese, which is what Hundred Plus Club did. These Buffalo-based boys go out of their way to get Stephanie’s attention, but is this easy to make dish the perfect idea or is it too cheesy? Grilled Cheese For Stephanie is garnished with jangly guitars that swell and billow like strands of gooey fromage clinging to the tips of the band’s heartstrings.

Joining the single is an equally cheesy video transposed with 90’s cartoon and video game imagery. Watch below and hear more like this off Hundred Plus Club’s new EP, “Everybody’s Friend

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