Nude & Stolensnares Ft. JJ – Cut The Rope/Lace EP

The internet and technology never ceases to amaze. Cut The Rope/Lace EP is a two song EP from three artists from LA, Singapore, and France.


France’s Nude and LA’s Stolensnares know how to make some intoxicating instrumentals. Cut The Rope is charming with its rising synths followed by keys and whistles, and Lace is tender, creating a nice contrast between the two songs. Singaporean vocalist/songwriter JJ’ vocals are graceful and charismatic, with a unique welcoming breathiness to them. Hopefully we get to hear more of her in the future.


Spin Nude’s “Naturalness EP” as well as Stolensnares “In And Out Of Hospitals” to get a feel for their separate but equally great sounds. And grab the Cut The Rope/Lace EP for free, below. The internet is a beautiful thing. Without it, projects like this wouldn’t come to life.

Nude Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Stolensnares Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

JJ Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter