FYOHNA Drops Scathing Heat On Believe You

FYOHNA Drops Scathing Heat On “Believe You”

Believe You is the scathing new single from Katarina Gleicher and producer Elliot Glasser as pop duo FYOHNA. Hell hath no fury like a musician from LA.

Finger snaps open with Gleicher’s mesmerizing vocals over piercing synths and the rattle of chewed up spite. “I bet she’s all you think about when you close your eyes/ It makes no difference to me/ I’ll never find out who’d be your remedy while she chews you up and spits you out,” boom! Believe You is a polished and enthralling piece of pop with notes of R&B and vocals that are pure and pristine. Unlike the dust of their ashen perfume that you can still taste on the back of your throat while Kansas City laughs like a jackal.

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