Rare Monk Release New Album Never Really Over

Rare Monk Release New Album “Never Really Over”

Following singles ‘Statistic Vandals’ and ‘Goodbye’, Portland-based indie rock outfit Rare Monk shares their new album, Never Really Over.

Written in the years prior to the year that shall not be named, Rare Monk takes aim at the various levels of despair that persist around us. Speaking on the inspiration and themes, the band offered:

“When these songs were written the future had not yet arrived. By no means is this album a gloomfest, but at its core is a central thread of everpresent looming dread at the end of the world. Of the bursting of bubbles, of the decline and devolution of America back into the dark ages, of book burnings, witch hunts, of vapours only releasable by exsanguination. Of a surveillance state, of the demonization of science, of persecution at scale, of the normalization of greed, idiocy, cruelty, and death. It’s insanity that in the time it’s taken us to release (to be fair we’ve been slow) so many of these at-the-time-hypothetical fears have already been realized. Worst year ever. Hope is definitely not lost, it’s just become more difficult. We’ll get through and hope the songs help. And in the meantime: black lives matter, wear a mask you selfish prick, fuck Trump, fuck the police, execute all fascists and make their descendants’ suffering continue for generations to come. We will come for you, we will hunt you down and eat you.”

Find a bit of hope with Rare Monk’s Never Really Over here.