Stillhead Releases Dark & Atmospheric Spiders EP

Stillhead Releases Dark & Atmospheric “Spiders” EP

Under the DFRNT moniker, Alex Cowles has created four albums, over 20 EP’s, and more within six years. With such a massive collection of music already under his belt, the Copenhagen-based artist decided to switch things up and start fresh as Stillhead. Spiders is his latest EP under the new moniker and under his own label, Brightest Dark Place.

Applying his meticulous approach to his Nordic-inspired deep-dub electronica, Spiders is dark and atmospheric. This is the murmur of a nervous bellyache. This is hands like claws and crashing sounds wrapped around your neck. This is the crimson quill of insecurity. This is evisceration by the weight of your blinking naivety.

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