Emmit Fenn Returns With The Breathtaking Blinded

Emmit Fenn Returns With The Breathtaking “Blinded”

It’s been a year since Emmit Fenn’s single, Painting Greys, which has since reached half a million streams. The LA based artist has now returned with something vastly different titled Blinded.

A classically trained pianist since age 14, Fenn infuses the piano and strings with his life experiences for this downtempo and arresting single. With this sombre piano and subtle drum pattern, strings weep with the current of a helpless rainy November night and coalesce with Fenn’s slightly auto-tuned voice; defeated yet hopeful in his self realization of what has transpired. As you’re struck with the moment of clear mind and heart after rescinding old memories, the crescendo rises with an overwhelming beauty before it cuts down to a single piano note with Fenn repeating, “I don’t need this like I used to/ ‘Cause I feel blinded, blinded by you.”

Listen to the breathtaking Blinded right now.