Jack Grace Returns With The Vulnerable All Lost

Jack Grace Returns With The Vulnerable “All Lost”

You might not know who Jack Grace is, but after this, he’ll demand your attention.

My first taste of Jack Grace was with last years mysterious looping Hills. Over a year later, the Sydney based artist returns with the inspiring and introspective All Lost. Fusing a simple breakbeat with crisp synths and a traditional piano, All Lost is unlike anything you’ve heard. The instrumental is clean and simple but textured and raw without any sort of pretension. “If I leave without goodbyes/ It’s ’cause I love you/ If it seems like I don’t care it’s ’cause I love you/ And I don’t want to,” Grace sings at a delicate pace, recounting his unease with being vulnerable and continuing with ferocious honesty.

Trying to put All Lost into words has been difficult enough, but if you want your soul to be further crushed, Grace recorded a beautiful extended live version that you can view below. His debut EP is due next month and it’s expected to fill listening needs for the looming cold dead months.

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