Listen To Jeannel's Stunning "Mind Tricks"

Listen To Jeannel’s Stunning “Mind Tricks”

Often times, our insecurities can surface in a relationship and cause some serious damage to your well being and to the person you love as you neglect them, lash out, or throw up mammoth sized walls in order to shelter your true feelings and vulnerabilities. For Jeannel, she translated her feelings of insecurity in a relationship into the divine Mind Tricks.

How can you be so close but so far away?

Jeannel details the difficulties with the feelings and thoughts she has with the one she loves over a simple downtempo beat with a charming acoustic guitar. There’s a delicate soul that oozes off the tip of her tongue as she pleads for a connection and to start over. “All that I can think of is how I long for your touch/ Give me something to lean on,” she sings before the song erupts into a frenzy of tense synths and deep bass like the chaotic thoughts that take over, causing warfare between the heart and synapse.