Jen Gloeckner Releases Third LP Single VineFirefly (War Dance)

Jen Gloeckner Releases Dual Single “Vine/Firefly (War Dance)”

On the cusp of releasing her new third full-length album titled Vine, Jen Gloeckner has released the third single which is a crossfade of the tracks Vine and Firefly (War Dance).

Self-recorded and produced in her bedroom, Gloeckner explores feelings of destitution in a relationship, but instead of collapsing into a void of unrelenting misery, she leaves it in the past and looks towards grander things. This ambient soundscape of lies that blind with passionate fervor transitions into an uptempo swell of lavish tribal chants and electric convulsions that battle between burning trees and coastlines, and left as the dust of what once was, only to be devoured and forgotten.

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