LEØ Ventures Into A New Sound With Us

LEØ Ventures Into A New Sound With “Us”

Us is the new single by Brisbane trio LEØ and their first into the electronic realm, although it certainly doesn’t sound that way. 

‘Us’ gave LEØ a whole new music path to go down. It was our first real ‘electronic’ song, with the main focus on the drums. Josh had just made up a new drum/synth loop and left it on repeat so I could write to it, while him and Callum went out to buy food. 20 minutes later, they had sushi for me and I had lyrics for them. – Chloe Pilkington

The trio details failed relationships and the shortcomings of both yourself and your partner and the subtle changes that may occur over time. Chloe Pilkington’s fragile vocals hang in the air with a heartfelt gravitas as she tries to make sense of everything. Her vulnerabilities coat the pulsing drums while pops of light in the background flicker, only to helplessly fizzle out like a once beautiful relationship.

Tune in for LEØ’s forthcoming EP, Young, due this January.