Luca Chesney Releases Gorgeous Debut Maria, Promise Me the Next Life

Luca Chesney Releases Gorgeous Debut “Maria, Promise Me the Next Life”

It’s been almost two years since NYC-based singer/songwriter/producer Luca Chesney hit the scene with a feature on Ardency’s Prayers. Yesterday, she dropped her stunning debut, Maria, Promise Me the Next Life.

Roused by the mythology of her dreams, these visions contain an omnipresent muse named Jasper, stories that last from weeks to months, and melodies and lyrics that she records in the morning. With her intoxicating vocals, Chesney lures you in with celestial vocals and its eclipsing wave of boundless power. “Maria, promise me the next life will be sweeter,” she sings as textures billow like the howl of a phantasmal tempest. This is the sound of eviscerating light that creeps through the basement blinds over radios wires, one last time.

Listen to Luca Chesney right now and be swept into the effervescent grey.

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