FYE & FENNEK Share 80's Inspired Better Lover

FYE & FENNEK Share 80’s Inspired “Better Lover”

If you’re a regular user of dating apps, you know how exhausting swiping, chatting, and meeting can be. FYE & FENNEK explore this relentless chore with their new 80’s inspired single Better Lover

‘Better Lover’ is a homage to the 80’s and at the same time, a reflection of transformation from that decade into today’s times,” says producer FENNEK. “FYE and I had been listening to a lot of 80’s music; we both came into the studio with the idea of combining those typical synth sounds with modern electro-pop.” It’s bold and playful with plucks of synths and charming harmonies shared between the duo.

They’ve also shared a video which echoes the colourful and upbeat pursuit of love and a “better lover” with a throwback of dating profile videos, directed by Maxi Weimann, Faye Hintke, and Jan Wozniak.