Stockholm Trio Moni Kira Plead For You To "Stay"

Stockholm Trio Moni Kira Plead For You To “Stay”

Ahead of their first major release due for spring 2017, Stockholm trio Moni Kira (Fabian Rosenberg, Elin Björklund and Antonio Charry) have released the single, Stay.

The friends in our lives come and go for various reasons – friendships that drift, careers, a new family. For Moni Kira, the feeling that someone close to you will be leaving for whichever reason is a heavy one. A distant piano in this sombre space of fleeting memories plunks away as the trio tries to keep you near with angelic harmonies, like the ghosts of all that have left, and all the ones in the will inevitibly leave. A defeated trumpet calls out in a desperate search, hoping they will stay.

Listen to the melancholic pop that is Moni Kira, below.