Safetalk Release Psych-Pop From The Stars With Universal

Safetalk Release Psych-Pop From The Stars With “Universal”

From Paris, Berlin, and the cosmos, the trio of two French producers and a Berlin-based British singer known as Safetalk has released their debut single, Universal.

Stand back from all that you can see,
The universal has a path to lead,
Just tell it what you really need
and do it again.

Soft psychedelic pop flows from a distant and lucid nebula with satellite radio wires that draws celestial life forces and stars through a prism of love. Like a slow tide of interstellar oceans, Universal crawls to this vacuous rock and brings with it a force greater than what our earthly souls can comprehend. Through this transmission, a warm rapture fills your veins and bones with the inner light of birth, death, and rebirth.

Listen to Safetalk’s wonderous Universal right here.

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