Mercyfox Dive Into The Chaotic With Bleed Debut

Mercyfox Dive Into The Chaotic With “Bleed” Debut

Christoffer Hein and Dragut Lugalzagosi are the Copenhagen-based duo behind dance punk band Mercyfox, and their debut single is Bleed.

Inspired by the selfie culture and the world’s insane fascination and addiction to it, Bleed features spiked guitars with a static fuzz for you to choke on, thudding percussion for you to kick down insipid humans while you choke on said static, and restless vocals for you to slur along to through gasped breath. This all accumulates into a raw dance orgy while the world around you suffocates on their vapidity.

Watch as Melanie baths and pukes up blood in Mercyfox’s Bleed below, and expect their debut EP sometime this year.