Tuvaband Release Melancholic & Hypnotizing Trees

Tuvaband Release Melancholic & Hypnotizing “Trees”

After seven quiet months, Norwegian/English duo Tuvaband (Simon Would and Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser), returns the heartfelt Trees.

Recorded in two apartments across Oslo, Trees is a melancholic affair. Gentle guitars rustle with reverb alongside lo-fi textures that billow with a melodious breathe like the morning light. Marschhäuser’s vocals are crystalline, stretching and crooning into the icy atmosphere. “We fell trees, we fell people/ Cause when we fell, we fell,” she sings, likening the destruction of human connections with that of nature. “Trees and people have a lot in common, a lot more than we know,” says the band. “‘Trees’ is about the fact that we might also share the same faith if we keep on tearing down rainforests.”

Listen to the single right here and look for Tubaband’s debut EP, “Mess”, on November 1.

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