Alone Architect Returns With [_] Ft. Roniit

Alone Architect Returns With “[_]” Ft. Roniit

Nearly two years ago, Montreal-raised, Los Angeles-based Alone Architect (Jeff Feldman) was featured here with “Drown”. He recently returned with “You Never Loved Me” and now follows it up [_].

Pronounced as “placeholder”, [_] is inspired by the meaningless victims that are kept around to fill the aching void that murmurs in your belly. For Alone Architect, this is about taking back power from the one you’ve given all your love and energy to with an onyx encrusted rumble from the maw of the abyss. Ethereal notes twist, hiss, and slice with leaden violence as Roniit’s effervescent vocals flutter through as the only light to be seen, heard, felt.