Alone Architect & Dani Poppitt Team Up For The Dark Drown

Alone Architect & Dani Poppitt Team Up For The Dark “Drown”

Following the release of his debut single, Faded, Montreal-raised, LA-based artist Alone Architect (Jeff Dorenz) once again teams up with Dani Poppitt (of Shal-lows) for Drown.

Inspired by battles with depression and the way it affects us, Drown is a sinister soundscape that embodies the disassociated feeling from reality and refusing help from those around you. Monolithic walls with crimson faces impaled along the edges swell around you driving you further into isolation. The internal battle with your demons emerges from the walls and lumber towards you as you tremble and falter further into recess until you inevitably plunge into the black hole of despair. A million little painless deaths occur through a prism of deafening black pus that latches to your lungs while you desperately try to grasp the nearest pinched light to lift your frail earthly soul from the void.

While not pleasant to discuss or face, Alone Architect and Dani Poppitt make it a little easier.

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