Forrest Taylor Drops Intoxicating Debut Only One

Forrest Taylor Drops Intoxicating Debut “Only One”

I’m not sure what the context of Forrest Taylor’s debut single is but it sure bangs either way. Inspired by elements of his musical roots with what he’s most inspired by today, Only One is an intoxicating display of skittering synths with a panorama of vibrant textures and monolithic bass.

Born in Texas but raised on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, Forrest Taylor began his musical journey at age six and was classically trained on the piano and drawn to composition and music production. Through high school and then at university, he polished his production skills by remixing his favorite tracks, entered and won multiple remix competitions along the way. Now, Taylor is an active member of the growing electronic scene in Columbus, OH, performing live and DJing around the city as well as collaborating with artists in and around the American Midwest.