Anne Suu And B-Side Drop Visuals For Cosmic Meditation

Anne Suu And B-Side Drop Visuals For Cosmic “Meditation”

From his recently released concept album, Space Hop, the Berlin-based producer B-Side linked up with fellow Berlin singer Anne Suu for Meditation and an accompanying video.

Much like the act of mindfulness and being fully present in the moment with mind and heart, Suu begs the question about what would happen if you just opened your eyes. With eyes off your phone and your senses focused on you and the exterior world, the cosmos of light, life, and love can envelop you with stars that have burned for millennia, over the crackle of B-Side’s interdimensional beats that still feel organic as they pulse and snap and weave through a weightless wormhole.

Watch Meditation below and listen to the rest of B-Sides Space Hop through Spotify.