Martin Baltser Announces New LP & Shares "Back Off You"

Martin Baltser Announces New LP & Shares “Back Off You”

Martin Baltser and his electro-folk last made its presence here over three years ago (!) with ‘Call Me Wild’ – which was also around the time when I was reading Henry Miller’s work front to back as evident across these pages with the embarrassing flowery deluge.

Baltser’s now set to release his second album and yesterday he shared the first single, Back Off You. Here he returns to childhood memories with a melodious warble of magic from his grandmother’s stories. Skittering textures contrast with a gentleness in his voice until strings sing and collapse back into dreams. On the inspiration, Baltser explains:

“My grandma used to read me all kinds of stories and I couldn’t get enough of their magic. She passed away and I grew up forgetting all about telling stories and how important it once were to me. ‘Back Off You’ is inspired by a dramatic turning point that forced me to leave everything behind to go find the magic again! It’s dangerously emotional and boiling with anger and a thirst for the stories I once knew through my grandma.”

With the single is a cinematic ‘Stranger Things’ inspired video that has already been nominated for six prizes worldwide and will be shown in Washington at The Scene Festival finals. It’s the first chapter of Baltser’s high budget video trilogy for 2020.