PINES Drop Pure Melting Bliss With This Life

PINES Drop Pure Melting Bliss With “This Life”

Following the release of “Fate”, Adelaide-based duo PINES went on to open for some big-name acts around Australia and beyond. They’ve since slowly dripped songs here and there, some racking 2m+ streams on Spotify like “Tell Me” featuring Water Park. Now back in the studio and with plans to release their debut album next year, they finally return with the radiant This Life.

The boys expand their blended organic and synthesized transmissions with a lush groove powered by the seductive embrace of the setting sun. Reflections of the summers gaze pulse with rich textures as chopped vocals ring through guitar melodies like a lapping pleasurable wave, earthy and intoxicating.

Forget the eternal and dead cold with PINES.

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