Shuhandz Drops The Luminous Chillstep Cut Tell Me

Shuhandz Drops The Luminous Chillstep Cut “Tell Me”

With all the screaming, shouting, and thrashing chaos that I’ve been (re)devouring the last few months, it’s nice to come across something new that hits that chill electronica spot just right. 

Shuhandz first garnered international attention with a premiere on Complexion’s Future Beats and soon released his debut EP, “Apex”. Following a slew of festival slots like TomorrowWorld, Imagine, and Prime Festival, Shuhandz returns with the luminous chillstep cut, Tell Me. Featuring guitar work from his friends High Flown and Koresma, Tell Me is like the pale streak of light glowing along the horizon at dawn, spreading until all is filled with life.