MKSTN Drops The Feel Good Affinity

Toronto’s MKSTN Drops The Feel Good “Affinity”

Coming off a release through Majestic Casual with a glue70 remix and his own ‘Salt N Pepper’, Toronto’s MKSTN returns with Affinity.

Inspired by isolated feelings from quarantine, Affinity is a delicious slice of electronica with a warm rippling tide of textures and Avery Florence’s gentle vocals.  On the single, MKSTN says:

“With the lack of human interaction and touch lately, I felt the need to create something special during quarantine for myself and anyone else feeling the heaviness of it all. The song is about the feeling of connection and natural liking or sympathy for someone or something else. It’s my way of hugging the world right now. The initial idea started with me noodling on my Korg synthesizer and making this chord progression. There was something so simple yet beautiful about it that looped so nicely and made me want to stay on it for hours. I then asked my friend Avery Florence (my other half of Flõstate) to sing this one line that kept coming to me while creating the song.”