Wesphere Returns With The Lush Swimming Deeply

Wesphere Returns With The Lush “Swimming Deeply”

Returning from their short hiatus, Barcelona-based outfit Wesphere is set to drop their new “Elements” EP. Swimming Deeply is the first taste of the project with the boys diving into the realm of the vast blue.

Fusing the analog with the digital and the abstract with the concrete to bring order out of chaos, Swimming Deeply is a lush exploration that breathes with detailed textures. It bubbles and croons with a voluptuous eternal transmission from a warm beating breast, alive with the light of your true self. Of the single, the band notes:

“The new single aims to represent the universal human quest for meaning, channelling our inner journey to free ourselves from fear and find our place on earth, accompanied by sensory textures and sounds that emphasize the underwater metaphor.”

Drift into the unknown and open your lungs with Wesphere.