Yoste Releases The Lush New Chihiro

Yoste Releases The Lush New “Chihiro”

Ahead of his forthcoming EP, the Brisbane-based Yoste (pronounced like ‘lost’) brings a luminous new single to cure this cold dead winter.

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s films, Chihiro flutters with an ethereal warmth. It’s like waking from a dream and the dark sulphurous walls surrounding you unfurls with a new world awaiting. It blossoms with a radiant scent, bright and melodic. With arms outstretched, open your eyes, open your lungs, and let Chihiro in.

Of the single, Yoste says:

This was the first song I wrote for Yoste. It wasn’t all that long ago and yet it feels as if it was. I wanted to keep it very simple, almost bare. The structure is unconventional. There is a single melody, only two verses and no real chorus. I wanted the vocals to be almost childlike in their melody and sound, which largely stemmed from the ethereal nature of the instrumentation. Thematically it was about trying to capture a feeling of wonder, of being lost in a good way. I wanted it to feel the way Hayao Miyazaki films feel, hence the name Chihiro.”

Yoste’s forthcoming EP, “try to be okay” is due out February 15th on Akira Records.