Max Justus Releases New LP Featuring Dissonant Man

Max Justus Releases New LP Featuring Dissonant “Man”

Max Justus is an experimental electronic producer/singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, and while he’s been releasing music since 2002, he took a six-year hiatus to fine tune his latest project. Many of the songs on his new self-titled EP went through several cycles of reflection and metamorphoses before assuming their final shape.

Through his influences of experimental electronic, classical, and jazz, Justus fuses his vocal approach with queues from R&B and gospel into his new LP, including the standout single and album opener, Man. In this sonic realm that sounds both familiar and alien, rivulets of organic elements collide with the inorganic creating this undreamed dissonance. Alongside the gorgeous choral style vocal arrangement on the hook, Man swings on a pendulum of the past, present, and future with a dynamic vision of light and energy that enraptures you. It hurtles you through a void of broken static with the swell of textures like the pulse of a million billion hearts vainly gripping to youth.

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