Angela Aux Announces New LP & Shares Killer Kid

Angela Aux Announces New LP & Shares “Killer Kid”

Following 2017’s “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” LP, Munich-based Angela Aux is gearing up to release a new project titled, “In Love With The Demons”. Killer Kid is the first single from the alt-folk artist that ebbs and flows like molten “what ifs” with a charming guitar. This is late nights drifting into early mornings with the tendrils of nightmares on your tongue.

Speaking on the inspiration, Angela Aux says:

“Couldn’t sleep the other night, got up and sat down on the kitchen floor to watch the stars through the window. Made me calm and mellow. After a while I could take the sleepless night as a gift. Words would arise and a few minutes later I fetched my guitar and started to strum a simple chord pattern. Recorded the demo on the Kaleidoloop and finished the song the day after. When I listen to it now it’s like a message I should have told myself a long time before, but I guess it still was the right moment anyhow.”

Joining the single is a video featuring footage from the Trikont Archive.

“In Love With The Demons” is due out in May.