Kings of Edelgran Share Beautiful Video For "Askja"

Kings of Edelgran Share Beautiful Video For “Askja”

From the vast and frozen landscape that’s encrusted in thick forests and the blizzard’s coat is the indie rock band Kings of Edelgran (Jérome Caudron and Josias Delcourt). Following last year’s debut self-titled album, the Belgian duo has released a video for Askja.

In this opulent soundscape of anthemic progressive rock and Nordic folk, Askja contains an energy that flows with a contemplative and gentle breeze over the arctic ocean’s current. These tepid waves then soar and thunder against rocks as it travels the perilous waters before a tsunami thrashes through and the band proclaims, “Please, lay your head on my chest cause I need more than just lover.” To accompany the beautiful Askja is an equally beautiful Yasmina H’mamou directed video, featuring Lolita and Brume sharing an afternoon together in the wilderness. Watch below and be swept by the majestic Kings of Edelgran.

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