BATTS Releases Heartbreaking Lie To Me

BATTS Releases Heartbreaking “Lie To Me”

In the young days of ohestee, most of my time was spent scouring soundcloud for music that, well, “moved me.” These days, there’s more submissions and less emphasis on the hunt. But on the rare occasion, I run into something like Lie To Me by BATTS.

“Lie To Me” is a song about longing to be loved by someone you really fell for and them taking advantage of that. I was a young human at the time, I don’t regret any of it because, well, hey, I got a lot of songs out of that experience and here is another one.

Produced by her frequent Birmingham based collaborator, Ficci, the duo spent ten weeks in a barn in Northern England. What they left with was a magical song that lifted me off my seat and kept me afloat in a daze. Lie To Me is sparse with elements of trip hop and R&B, and a lush yet despondent instrumental; that’s something you don’t hear often. When BATTS sings “Why would you lie to me?” – oof. It’s a three pronged knife that splinters into pieces and carves your intestines. The sincere tremble in her voice sounds like she re-lives the experience with each note that leaves her mouth. I just about want to cry everytime I listen to this. Which is a lot.