Loyal Lobos Will Fill Your Lungs With The Heartbreaking Swim

Loyal Lobos Will Fill Your Lungs With The Heartbreaking “Swim”

Andrea Silva is the LA-based singer-songwriter that goes by the name of Loyal Lobos and her latest offering is the first in a year. Swim is a welcome return as it’ll fit right in that sad fall/winter playlist of yours.

This is an exploration of vulnerability and letting that blue bird out of its cage with a distant and hazy pulse. The soft strum of an acoustic guitar hums then builds with a seizing surge and the dark fearful sojourn to the heart, but abruptly ends. The process repeats, building to higher highs as Lobos repeats, “I can be the one for you.” This is quiet pandemonium. This is the flood swelling and filling your lungs. This is the ocean between you and sidewalks swallowing you whole.

Or as Lobos puts it, “‘Swim’ is a confession of love. It explores loneliness and the experience of revealing yourself to another. It’s basically the classic plot line of a millennial televelona.”

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